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PetFriendly Policies

In Hotel Los Aluxes and our consumption centers pets are welcome, however, we have some policies and restrictions. We invite you to read them so that you are informed:

1. Check the availability of Pet Friendly rooms.

2. The cost is $100.00 per night.

3. Only dogs are allowed.

4. Only one pet per room is allowed.

5. The weight of your pet cannot exceed 10kg.

6. All pets must have:

- Vaccination card. (It will be filed since their first visit). (They must be free of fleas, ticks and parasites).

- Collar, tag and leash (It will be the owner's responsibility to take care of his pet, as well as to be aware of his belongings).

- Bags to collect your pet's feces. (It is the owner's responsibility to keep public spaces clean).

7. Your pet must be accompanied at all times (rooms, restaurant terraces, facilities and public areas of the hotel).

8. They cannot enter the restaurants, but they can be on the terrace.

9. Any damage caused by the pet will be the full responsibility of the owner.

10. Pets are not allowed to rest on the hotel furniture. (Including the bed in your room).

11. You must leave an open voucher of $500.00 pesos or a cash deposit as a guarantee of payment for any damage.

Thank you very much and welcome dogs!